Friday, November 11, 2011

they're related to me.

and they are pretty funny.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

to keep my sanity...

lately, in the midst of a really b u s y season as a first-year teacher, i have been really needing some kind of rest and rejuvenation. and, i like to find it in creativity. i have been teaching my 3rd graders about how God created the world and the days of creation. we have also been discussing how God made us in his image. so, we concluded, that since he is creative, we can be creative too.

here's some of my latest ideas...

1. cut a t-shirt horizontally into strips
2. use the strips to make a scarf or a headband

1. go to hobby lobby and buy: cupcake doilies, mod podge, balloons.
2. mod podge the doilies onto the balloon
3. pop the balloon (its best to wait until its dry - trust me. i did it the wrong way.)
4. and voila! you have a cool paper lantern thing (not my best one, but a good first trial...)

and this is my favorite...
two cheap bandanas from hobby lobby (99 cents each)
sew them together (i used my grandma's sewing machine and had fun talking to her while we worked on the project...)
put in cheap pillow stuffing ($2.99 from hobby lobby)
and you have a cool throw pillow.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I was an orphan.

I am a poor and desolate orphan lying in the street, totally helpless and hopeless to do anything on my own. The only hope I have is if a loving Father steps in to rescue me from my helplessness and desolation and pity and filth and if that Father comes down from his home, walks the dirty streets, stoops down to me and says, "You're the one I want. Come, be my daughter. I will do anything it takes to have you in my family. I will give up my comfort and security and stoop down into the filth and messiness because I LOVE YOU."

From this...

To this...

--I found this in my journal from about a year ago and this truth hit me once again. God has adopted us - not because he needs us, but because he LOVES us.

Last week at a teachers' convention, the speaker reminded us: "God doesn't need you to be dependable. He wants you to be dependent."

Sunday, July 31, 2011


guess what!

my little sister got married. i still kinda feel like its pretend, like we're playing "house." but she is on her honeymoon right now. legit. isn't she lovely?

here's some of my random creative ideas for abby's wedding - the guestbook (this was abby's idea. isn't it great?) and a cupcake stand for the newlywed couple...

and the rest of the week was great too. my birthday. backpacking with the guys in my life. a fun bachelorette party/downtown photo scavenger hunt. rehearsal dinner. the whole wedding party jumping in the river in our nice clothes. the beach. a date to grand haven for my birthday. seeing so many of my favorite people. laughing a lot.

oh, and now that all that excitement is done, i am moving on to other things like a hillsong/jesus culture conference next week, a roadtrip to arkansas with jimmy for emily's wedding, oh and getting ready for my first full-time job as a 3rd grade teacher!

when i am tempted to believe that everything in life is hard and the problems of the world have power to steal my joy, i need to remember weeks like this. life is good - most of the time. but, God is good - all the time. He is real and living and compassionate. in a summer like i've had (the joys of weddings and laughter and family combined with the harsh realities of african poverty, the orphan crisis, and spending time in an ethiopian mud hut) this is what i must remember.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer is here.

It is finally summer again. After months of wondering if it will be winter forever and gray skies and snowy roads, winter has finally given way to warm weather, fresh blackberries, flip flops, sun, renewed hope and renewed energy. It is SUMMER.

Today was one of those really sweet summer days.
Celebrating graduations with beautiful friends.

Saturday morning Farmers Market with my family. Two Ethiopians who were very excited to buy radishes and blackberries.

Sitting on the curb, drinking coffee and walking to the donut shop.

Festival in downtown GR. Painting, eating popsicles, laughing at Tem's pet caterpillar, Goo-goo.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

random things that make me happy :)

planners. and especially this one that i want to get sometime...kelly rae roberts is a one of my favorite artists. [click on it to see more...]

the vintage pearl. especially this necklace. [click on it]

over the rhine. and sleeping at last. mmm, good music.

that's all :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

One of my random ideas...

I get in these artsy/creative moods. And, I want to obey God's command in James 1:27. So, check this out: